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Our podcast is dedicated to the community of 90 Day Fiance fans.
- Witty girl-guy host pair
- We love our sponsors and take a lot of care in preparing our ad reads
- We aim to make each product relatable, and typically work in a show-related joke so that the sponsor reads flow with the tone of the show.

Our demographic is:
- primarily female
- American
- 20-40 years old
- actively watching other reality tv shows

Our podcast is dependent on TLC's airing schedule of the show.

We have the following dates still available for pre-rolls and mid-rolls for the rest of the season:
- 11/28
- 12/5
- 12/12
- 12/19
About the Host
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Host Name: Kim and Kyle
We're 90 Day Fiance super fans, and we sarcastically recap the show every week! Kim is upbeat, Kyle is more cynical and brings the male perspective.
Weekly on Tue

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Our show distributes on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, and TuneIn.
In addition to the pod, I can mention you on Instagram once. We have around 1,000 followers right now, but I'm gaining about 100 followers a day. We're growing very fast!
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