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Aussie and The Pom Show
G’day and Good Morrow – Our main aim each week is to give you an Eargasm from our sultry tones and conversation. On a serious note we are two mates separated by 9,442 miles (we did the maths) one in Melbourne, Australia and one in Bromsgrove, England. We are growing our Twitter followers @Aussie_ThePom so come at us with your tweets. So what is our show – we are a weekly Podcast where we have a catch up about our lives in different continents. The Aussie is balancing his life as a husband and proud father and The Pom lives a high fast paced life where his poor girlfriend has to put up with him! We have Entertainment News each week hosted by The Aussie’s brother Dave and then we have random chat about a subject of our choosing. Competition beckons next with our famous 90 Second Knockout Challenge between a guest and whoever they want to challenge! We finish each show with our famous Top 5 section where we usually end up in an argument and The Aussie tries to find a way to get Wesley Snipes into the show. But enough from us – Check out one of our reviews on iTunes and no it wasn’t either of our Mother’s! “Enjoyed these guys. You can tell they are friends outside podcasting and it’s nice to see a natural convo within a podcast recording. Sometimes you can tell personalities change when that record button is pressed, this is not the case here. Really enjoyed it and recommend!”
Give Me A Break Radio Hour with Bobby Pizazz
GIVE ME A BREAK Radio Hour with your host Bobby Pizazz. Bobby has some great Ideas and this ought to be a show that is Off the Hook, with Real, take your gloves off Talent, .... What it IS: We will feature Songwriters and Artists who share their in and outs of the Business of Music and the Art of Songwriting. Discuss New Music Business Models in use today. A place were Artists and Songwriters can safely have an opportunity to share their Music, Insights and Life Stories.. Give Me A Break Radio primary purpose is to educate up-coming singer/songwriters artists about the ins and out of the business, new recording software programs they can buy, and from time to time we have musical instrument makers, vocal coached, recording studio owners, publishers and engineers. We intend to help people avoid the rip-offs of the sharks of this business, I wish I could name names for you to avoid, but I can't, I would get sued. What it is NOT!!!! A place for negativity, slamming comments, or any other form of derogatory remarks... Current events and topics can and will be discussed. bluntly, truthfully ... "Hi Folks I'm Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/SongWriter Performing Artist and Host and Producer of GIVE ME A BREAK Radio/TV Show, and I'm very honored to share the stage with some of the Greatest Singer/Songwriters on the Planet and the best Up-and-Coming Artists." Bobby Pizazz All materials presented on the GMAB radio program are royalty free as agreed to by the owners thereof, and the programming is presented for educational and informational purposes as no artist, writer of publisher are paid for their appearance
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