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Bunt to the Gap
Adam and Dave from are joined by producer "Sweet" Nick to host the Bunt to the Gap Podcast, a weekly discussion about the Toronto Blue Jays and other topics in Major League Baseball. They discuss trades and acquisitions, roster moves, rumors and speculation, break down the uplifting wins and the heartbreaking losses, and preview upcoming series. There's also the occasional guest interview with baseball bloggers and writers who are much smarter than they are. If you like your Blue Jays talk backed up by stats, advanced metrics and analytics, this is the podcast for you. Our Google Analytics data suggest our listeners skew male, largely millennial (18-34), with disposable income and time to invest in a sport like baseball. 76% of visitors to are 18-44, 95% male, Due to the knowledge required of math and statistics required to understand some of the advanced statistical baseball concepts we discuss, our audience is educated. Our listeners are mostly based in Canada, and though we do have listeners in the U.S., Australia, Germany and Japan - likely ex-pats, nostalgic about their home and passionate fans of the Toronto Blue Jays. This is a team that has national appeal, and is covered by major national newspapers and networks across the country, and is very accessible to fans more so than other baseball teams that would have a more regional appeal. This is a team that has drawn as many as 12 million TV viewers in a Canadian broadcast. Bunt to the Gap is supported by a content marketing strategy, where blog posts that are syndicated to other baseball-content websites (Baseball-Reference, MLBTradeRumors, BlueJaysAggregator, etc.). This passive marketing approach drives traffic to and increases subscriptions to the podcast. Most episodes feature guest podcasters, journalists or broadcasters, some of whom have as many as 20,000 Twitter followers. They all in turn promote the episode they are featured on to their own audiences. Similarly, we also guest on other podcasts to promote the show and increase reach. Our hosts are business-savy (one is a certified accountant, the other is a marketing analyst) and understand data and demographics. Our audience is mostly male (95%), 76% between 18-44, and understand advanced statistics and complex analysis. They have disposable income and time to spend on baseball games, merchandise and products.
Aussie and The Pom Show
G’day and Good Morrow – Our main aim each week is to give you an Eargasm from our sultry tones and conversation. On a serious note we are two mates separated by 9,442 miles (we did the maths) one in Melbourne, Australia and one in Bromsgrove, England. We are growing our Twitter followers @Aussie_ThePom so come at us with your tweets. So what is our show – we are a weekly Podcast where we have a catch up about our lives in different continents. The Aussie is balancing his life as a husband and proud father and The Pom lives a high fast paced life where his poor girlfriend has to put up with him! We have Entertainment News each week hosted by The Aussie’s brother Dave and then we have random chat about a subject of our choosing. Competition beckons next with our famous 90 Second Knockout Challenge between a guest and whoever they want to challenge! We finish each show with our famous Top 5 section where we usually end up in an argument and The Aussie tries to find a way to get Wesley Snipes into the show. But enough from us – Check out one of our reviews on iTunes and no it wasn’t either of our Mother’s! “Enjoyed these guys. You can tell they are friends outside podcasting and it’s nice to see a natural convo within a podcast recording. Sometimes you can tell personalities change when that record button is pressed, this is not the case here. Really enjoyed it and recommend!”
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