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In the News with Mike Dakkak
In the News is a political podcast that covers politics, culture and current events not from the point of view of liberal or conservative, Republican or Democratic ideologies. Rather we are a source of political news and commentary from the Independent point of view. We educate listeners on the issues of the day by giving background on the topics and explaining how the political debate of the nation stand to impact their daily lives. We publish once week, on Thursdays. Here’s what people are saying about In the News: “Hi…I found your podcast on Stitcher radio the other day and felt compelled to send you a note and tell you how much I enjoy your show. Really interesting and informative. Keep up the great work!...” “Hello Mike…I've been meaning to send you an email about how much I've been enjoying listening to the show. I was really looking for a quality political podcast, I'm pretty picky on politics and your show was perfect. I love the independent view on things, I do not like biased media. I'm happy to support podcasts like yours by listening…” “Mike…Thank you for your always insightful work and unique take on important issues...I never miss a single episode of your show and I can honestly say that you've done more to foster my interest in politics and foreign affairs than any other news source out there…” We offer an alternative to the loud, toxic voices that dominate political talk and people have begun to take notice. I’ve begun devoting more time and energy to the show and to its promotion. As a result our monthly downloads have more than tripled in the last several months and continues to grow. ***Please note, we are open to any and all proposals and would be happy to work with you on customizing a package that is right for you. Contact us to start the conversation.
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