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Make it Stop
Make it Stop is a show dedicated to excavating and dissecting the most vile, tasteless, and overwhelmingly unnecessary music ever recorded. Hosted by Boston musicians and self-appointed "tastemakers of trash" Heather Mack and Mike Dunn, and featuring an expansive roster of comedians, musicians, and other hilarious guests, they guarantee to take you on an audio journey you never wanted to go on, exploring the devastatingly awful depths of the worst albums ever made. By the end, you’ll be begging them for more…while screaming “make it stop!". Anybody who enjoys sarcasm, pop culture, music, satire, and having fun appreciating the worst elements of society with a semi-intellectual and socially conscious twist makes up our current and potential audience. Currently we have produced 14 episodes and have been slowly amassing a local cult following of primarily millennials from the New England area, but I believe the concept has broad appeal and can thrive with the right platform and promotional support. We have approx. 100 downloads per episode right now with very little promotion on our part, which we hope to change soon. Shows have ranged from 45 minutes-1.5 hours. Fans pick albums for us to review (or we get suggestions from our weekly guest), which we spend some time introducing and providing context around. We introduce our guest who is likely a local musician or comedian--we've had Nonye Brown-West, Tawanda Gona, Nick Ortolani, and Angela Sawyer as guests, among others, so far. Together we go song by song and analyze what makes each uniquely terrible, followed by a cumulative rating at the end of the album using a unique topical qualifier (i.e. 0 to -5 "harmonica solos" for Bruce Willis' album, or 0 to -5 "unproductive PTA meeting comments" for the latest Eminem album). Then we allow our guest to hype their upcoming gigs/albums/etc. and end the show with a preview of the next episode (which often includes 4 options that we have our fans choose between for us to review). It feels conversational, energetic, sharp-witted, and counter-cultural, like a rant you would go on with your friends about the day you just had. People are obsessed with bad art right now--look at How Did this Get Made, the Disaster Artist, even Sharknado. We are hungry for snark in a world that gets bleaker by the day, and are looking for conversations about topics, particularly nostalgic pop cultural ones, that tie us together. We think we have what it takes to do that in a way that feels new, exciting, and authentic, and we are looking for advertisers who share our similarly sarcastic bent on life.
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