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Overtime Sports Network (Full Network Buy)
Overtime Media; Your Sport. Your Team. On your time. Overtime is a Sports Podcast Network covering Pro and College Sports leagues and teams with entertaining and insightful podcasts. This is a full network buy across all individual team podcasts, including: NFL - Cardinals Overtime (Arizona Cardinals) - Bear Report (Chicago Bears) - C3 Panthers (Carolina Panthers) - Browns Overtime (Cleveland Browns) - Huddle Up Broncos (Denver Broncos) - Building the Broncos (Denver Broncos) - The Lions, the Witch, and the War Room (Detroit Lions0 - PackerNet Podcast (Green Bay Packers) - Texans Overtime (Houston Texans) - Another Jags Podcast (Jacksonville Jaguars) - In the Hunt Dolphins (Miami Dolphins) - Grapes and Gorak (Minnesota Vikings) - Turn on the Jets (New York Jets) - Play Like a Jets (New York Jets) - All Saints Considered (New Orleans Saints) - Who Dat Discussion (New Orleans Saints) - Steelers Overtime (Pittsburgh Steelers) - The Unofficial Titans Podcast (Tennessee Titans) - NFL Overtime - Draft Edition (NFL Draft) College Sports - Pac 12 (Pac 12 Radio) - Arizona Wildcats (Wildcat AZ Radio) - Kentucky Overtime (Kentucky Wildcats) - SoonerNation Podcast (Oklahoma Sooners) - The Podcast (Wisconsin Badgers) NBA - NBA Overtime - Celtic Central (Boston Celtics) - Pistons SRD (Detroit Pistions) - The Laker Central (L.A. Lakers) - Bucks Leading Radio (Milwaukee Bucks) - Thunder Guys (OKC Thunder) - South of the 6ix (Toronto Raptors) MLB - Brewers Overtime (Milwaukee Brewers) - Blue Heaven (Los Angeles Dodgers) - Cardinal Overtime (St. Louis Cardinals) - Diamondbacks Overtime (Arizona Diamondbacks) - Pinstripe Talk (New York Yankees) - Tigers Overtime (Detroit Tigers) - Tigers Minor League Report (Detroit Tigers Farm System) - South of the 6ix (Toronto Blue Jays) - Mets Overtime (New York Mets) NHL - Leaf Geeks (Toronto Maple Leafs) - Redwings SRD (Detroit Redwings) - Talking Preds (Nashville Predators) - The Rinkcast (Chicago Blackhawks) - C4 Canucks (Vancouver Canucks) Sports Betting/Daily Fantasy - NFL Overtime: Edition - College Football Overtime: Betting Edition - MLB Overtime: Betting Edition - College Hoops Overtime: Betting Edition Other - Loud Americans Discuss Soccer - Scuderia F1 - Cycling Overtime - Mostly Soccer - Sports Radio Detroit - Out of Bounds Detroit - Detroit Tigers Minor League Tracker - SoBros Network - Athletes Unfiltered Reach listed is weekly reach across all shows.
Swindled is a podcast that utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to tell true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. The anonymous host, using “A Concerned Citizen” as his moniker, recounts tales of real life, financially motivated crimes including embezzlements, frauds, Ponzi schemes, environmental disasters, corporate negligence, corruption, and more. Less than a year after its debut, Swindled has been featured on Spotify, named 'One of the Best' True Crime podcasts by NYMag and Vulture, picked as 'Podcast of the Week' by The Guardian, called a 'must-listen' by Minnesota's StarTribune, and has been included on multiple 'best of' lists compiled by Digital Trends, INSIDER, Lifewire, and more. Additionally, Swindled was a finalist for "Best New Podcast" and runner-up for "Best True Crime Podcast" in the 2018 DiscoverPods awards and has been featured in articles for the BBC and London Sunday Times. Most recently, Swindled was named one of the "best podcasts of 2019 (so far)" by Discover Pods. Swindled has also become a mainstay on the iTunes Top 200 charts in the True Crime category in the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. Considering the financial nature of the show, Swindled could effectively promote brands that are in the business of protecting consumer assets, either online or at-home: security services, insurance, financial services, etc.
The Not Old Better Show
Every brand has stories to tell—stories to engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact an intended audience, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. My role, throughout my career, is as the conduit between brand and consumer. My show, The Not Old Better Show does that, and more. A tiny bit of background...(just fact :) I am an award-winning blogger, podcaster, writer, and producer, known for my down to earth accessible reporting and advice for men and women in the 50 + age community with The Not Old Better Show. My deep media background includes my role as one of the founding editors of MommyCast & MommyCast Latina, the wildly popular, very first mom podcast in audio and video, and its producer from 2004 to 2009. MommyCast has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, Washingtonian Magazine, BusinessWeek, and Variety magazines, and the USA Today & Wall Street Journal newspapers, among many others. As such, I'm very sponsor familiar, knowing that the "line" can't be crossed over between "selling" and being objective, but that content, genuine content can go far further. I am familiar with healthcare sponsorship (The Not Old Better Show is currently the exclusive podcaster for the Smithsonian, and my shows always consider health, wealthiness, and other Smithsonian topics. My audience demands this knowledge.) I am published in AARP, Huffington Post, Changing Aging Magazine, and my audience is over 500000 per show. (you can see this, with public metrics, via where over 12MM "Likes" "Listens," and "Comments" are publicly available, evidencing my active, engaged audience. iHeartRadio is a great place for my audience to find our show, and because of the "app" nature, it is easily found on many auto manufacturer in dash systems. This familiarity, and "radio-like" nature, is excellent for my audience. If you'd like to see a great video, featuring my discussion of sponsors, their role, and my approach, please check this out (it's super brief): or, this simple landing page gathers hundreds of thousands of names for my email lists, check it out: Here is our listing on AudioMack, which tells a wonderful story about us, too: Here is my value proposition to you: 1) With a focus on "better" aging, conversation, engagement, and joy, The Not Old Better Show delivers "better" results, more efficiently and with "better" results, than any other 55+ publication. Our slogan is more than just a slogan: "Talk About Better..." 2) Using the right technology for my 55+ audience, including smartphone and tablet apps (let's talk about the use of these tools very soon, as you'll be impressed with their effective inclusion among my offerings), I anticipate active growth in my audience, who are passionate about communicating with one another, and want a "community" to share with, grow with, and conduct their business with. 3) The Not Old Better audience is there because they're eager to learn, eager to grow, and eager to change the face of aging because their buying power, consumption patterns, and sheer numbers, want to learn about new products, services and opportunities for growth. I have much more to share, and lots of metrics reports, data, and important stories...let's talk soon. thanks. Paul Vogelzang Host, The Not Old Better Show PS: ask me about my use of Facebook Instant Articles, and my placement in Apple News!!
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