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Gators Breakdown
A very popular Florida Gators podcast with thoughts and analysis from host/creator David Waters and Will Miles from The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play and more platforms. Most episodes are recorded live on YouTube, and then, edited and hosted by Megaphone for audio only versions. During the football season (Aug-Nov), three episodes a week are released and at least one episode a week during the offseason (Dec-July) Average episode gets just over 6,000 listens, while our most popular episodes get over 10,000 listens. Featured at the podcast finds itself in the Top 200 on iTunes from time to time. Rated 4.5 Stars on iTunes with over 200 reviews. Gators Breakdown's audience are die-hard football fans that love sports, food, online shopping, pets, and technology. Host David Waters can relate a lot to the audience. Here are a few reviews from listeners: Best Gator Podcast Ever 5/5 By @henry_knowles3 I just started listing omg to podcasts and my friend recommended this one. I love binge-listening to these podcasts so much. Dave is a true gator fan. Also his Twitter, @GatorDave_SEC is awesome. 11/10 ThankYou! 5/5 By NateWGator Best gators info available anywhere. Recruiting news, game analysis, program commentary... they do it all. Gator Nation is lucky to have Gators Breakdown! Fun and Informative 5/5 By Theologator “Gator Dave” Waters does a fine job of breaking down various aspects of the Gators’ program, recruiting, team & coaches. He also brings in guests and colleagues to round it out. This is much more thorough than what you can get from beat writers and even traditional radio broadcasts. You get it without a “pay wall”. He’s a fan but he’s honest about the ups and downs. And it fits your schedule.
The Prancing Pony Podcast - Tolkien & Middle-earth
Our podcast is an entertaining and informative discussion of Professor Tolkien’s legendarium. Each week, we walk our listeners through Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium a few pages at a time, but in a unique style filled with self-effacing humor, hilarious pop culture references, and the occasional awful pun. We even provide hilarious outtakes and gag reels for our listeners to enjoy, and we do video events via Facebook Live on occasions important to Tolkien fans worldwide. Finally, we've also dedicated several episodes to interviews with noted Tolkien scholars, including Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger, John Garth, Corey Olsen and more. Speaking of growth, we’ve seen steady and continued growth month after month, and our old episodes are truly 'evergreen', still receiving a large number of downloads more than three years after release. We have a very connected and engaged audience that is active in our social media space (especially Facebook), and they feel very connected to us as individuals because of our involvement in the Tolkien community. We have over 300 patrons who are committed to contributing to the show -- this is a podcast that creates dedicated listeners! We have been invited as special guests to multiple Tolkien gatherings (Mythmoot V, Texmoot, and Tolkien 2019) and have recorded multiple live episodes at these events.
Create Your Own Life
The Create Your Own Life podcast has been around since November 2015, but achieved a lot in that time. We were ranked #1 in iTunes New and Noteworthy for the Business and Health categories. We have ranked #25 in the Business- Marketing & Management category, and have consistently ranked in the Business- Marketing & Management Top 200 in iTunes, and the show is well over 1.5 million downloads all time. The show has been featured by INC. Magazine (2x), Forbes Magazine (3x) and Top Podcast to Follow by CIO Magazine (2x). Jeremy has been a featured speaker at Podfest Multimedia Expo, Outlier Podcast Festival, Freedom Business Summit and many more stages around the world. We have had on the show celebrity and world-class guests like Shawne Merriman (NFL All-Century Team San Diego Chargers), Matisyahu (Platinum Recording Artist), Grant Cardone (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Kelly Starrett (First Crossfit Gym Owner), Elliott Hulse (YouTube Fitness Celebrity), Chris Guillebeau (Visited 196 Countries), Patrick Bet-David (YouTube Influencer 1M+ Subscribers), Tucker Max (3x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Robert Greene (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Tony Horton (P90X), Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Walter O'Brien (the Scorpion), Steve Weatherford (NY Giants), Tom Bilyeu (CEO Quest Nutrition), Noah Kagan (CEO, Russell Brunson (CEO Clickfunnels), Gretchen Rubin (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Robin Sharma (NY Times Best-Selling Author/ Adviser for Richard Branson & Bill Clinton), Meir Kay (Facebook Influencer 1M+ Followers), Fabio Viviani (32 Restaurants, $100M+ Revenue), Jen Sincero (2x NY Times Best-Selling Author), Seth Godin (NY Times Best-Selling Author), Kara Goldin (CEO Hint Water/ Former COO AOL Time-Warner), Neil Patel (1M+ Facebook Followers) and many more.
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