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WHO WE ARE An Alchemy of Wonder, Science, Humor and Personal Development, Third Eye Drops creates and distributes wonder-driven, mind-expanding, curiosity-feeding, podcasts. Our highly-engaged audience congregates around topics like mindfulness, self-improvement, philosophy, consciousness, science and technology. Third Eye Drop’s listeners are diverse, but are mostly comprised of young, highly-educated professionals based in the United States. if you have specific questions about demographics, contact us. AUDIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT • 2.5m+ Unique Downloads and Counting • Up to 71K downloads per month • 10k+ unique downloads per episode WHAT WE'LL DO • Deliver a custom, or pre-written read to our highly engaged audience • We never have more than two advertisers per show, which means your message never gets lost • Create custom campaigns spanning multiple platforms including podcasts, live streams, web, email, social media and live events Our audience is growing, so you always get more than you pay for • You only pay for the low end of our average • Your message lives on long after the campaign has ended • 95%+ of our reviews are 5 stars. This means quality and engagement • Visibility on our podcaster’s websites • For select partners, we can also spread your brand through our massive social media networks, if you’re interested in an assessment, ask us how!
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