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WHO WE ARE An Alchemy of Wonder, Science, Humor and Personal Development, Third Eye Drops creates and distributes wonder-driven, mind-expanding, curiosity-feeding, podcasts. Our highly-engaged audience congregates around topics like mindfulness, self-improvement, philosophy, consciousness, science and technology. Third Eye Drop’s listeners are diverse, but are mostly comprised of young, highly-educated professionals based in the United States. if you have specific questions about demographics, contact us. AUDIENCE AND ENGAGEMENT • 2.5m+ Unique Downloads and Counting • Up to 71K downloads per month • 10k+ unique downloads per episode WHAT WE'LL DO • Deliver a custom, or pre-written read to our highly engaged audience • We never have more than two advertisers per show, which means your message never gets lost • Create custom campaigns spanning multiple platforms including podcasts, live streams, web, email, social media and live events Our audience is growing, so you always get more than you pay for • You only pay for the low end of our average • Your message lives on long after the campaign has ended • 95%+ of our reviews are 5 stars. This means quality and engagement • Visibility on our podcaster’s websites • For select partners, we can also spread your brand through our massive social media networks, if you’re interested in an assessment, ask us how!
Glory UGA Podcast
Our University of Georgia and Southeastern Conference-centric podcast is part of the VSportO internet radio network. Our episodes appear 2-3 times per week on DawgSportsRadio (a VSportO affiliate) on a year-round basis. Our show has also been featured on the Bleacher Report Team Stream on multiple occasions over the course of the past year. We have recently branched out to including guests on our show including UGA hall-of-fame head tennis coach, Manuel Diaz. Our audience is primarily composed of passionate, die-hard college sports fans. With our show we endeavor to fill the void of sports shows that are produced with the die-hard fans in mind and work tirelessly to provide hardcore fans with the type of in-depth analysis they cannot find anywhere else. As such, we have developed a loyal following that we interact with frequently on social media. What sets our show apart from other college sports podcast personalities is that, like our audience, we are unabashed fans, ourselves, and make no attempt to hide that. This has helped us build an uncommon connection with our audience and ideally situates us to recommend and promote products for them to use and explore. Because of the support of our audience and strong word-of-mouth promotion, we have grown from approximately 500 downloads/month when we first started the show last year to between 25,000-35,000 downloads/month (depending on the time of year).
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