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Life After PTSD
Our show releases every week on Mondays and sometimes on Thursdays. We are on a mission to end PTSD and rather than just wishing for it, the training arm of what we do is out there getting results. We train clinicians in the RTM counseling protocol (Re-consolidation of Traumatic Memories) that has a 92% proven efficacy in curing PTSD without re-traumatization and without relapse. Each week we tell the amazing stories of people who represent the many faces of PTSD: abuse, birth trauma, witnesses to traumatic events, those bullied, sports injuries and veterans. We also talk about the science behind the protocol, the latest developments in the world of neuroscience and clinicians who have changed their practices by introducing RTM into their arsenal. We are a quickly growing show, iTunes ranked in health and beginning to grow our YouTube presence with YouTube live episodes that further reinforce the subject. Our episodes range from 25-50 minutes and drop every Monday at 6am, though we often release Thursday bonus episodes (2x a month) at 6am as well. The craziest story of how our show was heard was that a girl in Norway who was being treated with prolonged exposure (horrible treatment that re-traumatizes with extremely low efficacy) heard our show and as a last ditch effort flew to Canada to work with our trainer, Allen Kanerva ( with a plan to end her life in Ontario IF she didn't get help. Listen to Episode 31 of the show. Spoiler alert: she's doing great. Our main audience is the U.S. but with significant listenership in Canada, the UK, Australia, Norway and Germany.
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