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Burnt Out to Lit Up
The Burnt Out to Lit Up podcast is a holistic wellness podcast for healthcare professionals. We’re made up of an occupational/physical therapist team (we’re also married) and we get so lit up when it comes to this podcast. We have dedicated this podcast to helping healthcare professionals grow personally and professionally, navigate stress and burnout, and live their most lit up lives. We aim to not just to provide information about overcoming burnout and adversities, but also empower listeners to prioritize their own health and well-being in order to thrive. You should advertise on our show because we will ensure that we will add personal touches (usually with humor if appropriate) and make our listeners feel confident about your product. Our show experiences 25% organic download growth per month. We have 40+ raving reviews on iTunes since our birth in January 2018. We have had amazing guests on our show- from the dietitian of the Miami Marlins to Thrive Global contributors and more, we have had a variety of guests in the health, wellness, and medical field that captivate our listeners. We also take our email list seriously. We religiously send at least one weekly email to our list with weekly blog/podcast mentions in order to maintain and grow a warm, genuine connection with our audience. We are eager to partner with brands we align with and naturally promote not just in podcast episodes, but in our accompanying blog posts, email lists, and ever-growing Instagram accounts ( and @burntouttolitup). We are excited to take this next step forward in working with brands that we can feel 100% comfortable and confident sharing about to our audience and help contribute to the growth and business of these brands.
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