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Planet Of House Radio
Planet Of House is a Proudly South African Lifestyle Brand founded upon the foundation and purpose of promoting Music by Underground artists of an unpopular sound. Formed in 2006, it has grown to become one of the most respected radio podcasts around the globe, hosting shows that are streamed by a young and old target market. The purpose and mission of Planet Of House was and still is to bring to the people, good music without favor or privilege. It is one of the few systems of getting music heard by the masses simply because "it sounds good" and not because "you're our hommie". Growing in family and territory, Planet Of House is slowly populating with the addition of new artists all the time. It is mostly described as the home of: > Bond Jobe > Mpeshnyk > Letz Go Deep > Harmonix Find Us on iTunes and Stitcher We now take Guest Mixes For 2016. Please Note: We Have RULES... ____________________________ Planet Of House Guest Mix Rules Send To: OR -Mix must be exclusive -Mixing/Crossfading must be in sync -Mix must be encoded as 320kbps MP3 -Mix must not be shorter than 60 minutes -Mix must be not longer than 80 minutes -Clean recording with no humming or hisses PLEASE -Brief Artist Bio and Info Playlist format: Artist - Title (Remix) Example: Bond Jobe feat. Laura James - Dark Sky Tonight (Lemon N Herb Remix) Successful submissions will receive an email with details. If you do not receive a reply from us in 2 weeks. Consider your submission unsuccessful. However continue to send your mixes: "maybe we didn't see it...." You are expected to start promoting your appearance on our show & podcast site as soon as you get given approval that you will be featured. Not everyone makes it to the Planet Of House Radio on Podomatic Podcast as bandwidth is limited. Good luck
The Geek League of America LeagueCast
Be a part of a weekly show talking movies, TV, Marvel, Star Wars, and more! The LeagueCast is the official weekly podcast of the Geek League of America -- a team of dedicated movie, comic book, and gaming supernerds determined to rule the world! Each week, the three-man team of brothers Shawn and Jeff Carter and co-host Adam Moreau gather to review movies, discuss, and debate the latest news and rumors from the geek culture community, and spend some time with special guests! The show is designed to be both professional and the type of conversation that you'd have with your friends after seeing a great movie together. The show publishes episodes 50+ weeks per year. Each episode is about an hour long. The team is dedicated and the show publishes on a regular weekly schedule. The League has featured interviews with industry professionals and cast members from UNIVERSAL'S JURASSIC WORLD, The CW's DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, CBS's SUPERGIRL, SYFY's 12 MONKEYS, AMC's INTO THE BADLANDS, STARZ's ASH VS EVIL DEAD, ABC's MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D., Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT and LORD OF THE RINGS and more. Episode highlights: Seasonal movie previews (fall, summer, etc.) TV season recaps (shows like THE WALKING DEAD, THE FLASH, GAME OF THRONES, THE X-FILES, and MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.) "The Flash Round", where the topics are fast, random, and often nostalgic New York ComicCon coverage with interviews WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? Your brand is safe with us. Both Adam and Jeff have had experience in radio and can deliver your message in a professional and compelling manner and Shawn, well, I'm sure he'd do a great job too!
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