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I run on youtube where I do videocasts and turn them into podcasts.
We have 2 regular podcasts right now. BanterFiles which is all about videogames, comics, real world events, strange news, and is more like 2 friends sitting down and discussing. Even our first podcast of this type had over 1k listens just on alone.

The next i
s the IGP or International Gaming Podcast, done every Friday at 1030am PST live on twitch then uploaded to Anchor as audio. This is on its 127th episode and gets about 15k views on youtube and another 2-3k listens on Anchor.

I am just trying to find some like minded advertisers for this kind of content to spread the word about the channel

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Host Name: Jeremy Penter
Jeremy 'Karak' Penter runs a premier videogame youtube channel with 500k subscribers. He reviews videogames and with experience in the field as well as musical and technical knowledge, covers videogames, musical composing, business trends, and more into a series of podcasts aimed at both gamers and industry professionals alike.He also loves B movies and extreme sports and covers both in-depth on the podcast.
Average Episode Length
Over 1.5 Hours
Twice a Week on Sun, Thu, Sat
Games both board and video, B Movies, comedy, technology of all kinds, supernatural stories, creepy news, music, international living, and disabled gamers.
Eugene Oregon
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