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Join us Thursday Nights as we attempt to talk about the lifestyle, End of the world updates, weird things, maybe some porn and sex toys and really just about anything with us you just have to strap in and prepare to go down that rabbit hole and see were you end up on the other side. Join Mike, Sheri & Pervy (Richard) The Swinging Clown for an out of body experience lol. see you on the airwaves!

Will will advertise your business during the show you must however submit all the creative unless you are wanting a live ad then you will still need to submit the script and indicate whether you want Mike or Sheri to read it.

ie; if you order a 10 second spot you must send us the mp3 complete with your 10 second spot attached.
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Since we are also part of the XXX Porn Star Radio Network and ASN Radio Network - we are in a unique position since our show is heard by over 3.6 million listeners a month. - We will promote you on our fan page on FB for FREE just supply us with the copy same with our twitter page and instagram.

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