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The show revolves around learning how to make better decisions in life, money, and your career by recognizing the trade-offs we have to make, and also emphasizes living authentically as a result of these decisions.

Every other week, Paula answers questions from listeners themed around either finance or real estate, and in-between those episodes, she interviews authors, experts, and entrepreneurs on the domains of productivity, habits, money, financial freedom, and career.

Our audience sh
are many of the same values Paula does: simplicity, hiking/camping, saving money, investing, being smart with your time and money, making optimal decisions, and most of all: time and freedom.

Benefits of advertising with us: Paula tries to personalize the ad read as much as possible; you'll receive a complimentary mention and link within the show notes (which get published to our podcast's site and emailed to subscribers); the show notes will be promoted by Paula on her social media accounts. Fanbase is highly loyal and appreciate's Paula's stamp of approval.

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About the Host
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Host Name: Paula Pant
The show is hosted by Paula Pant, founder of She became financially independent through real estate investments a few years ago, and has been educating others on how to achieve financial freedom, whether through property or investing in the stock market.
Average Episode Length
1-1.5 Hours
Weekly on Mon, Fri
Financial freedom Business/side hustling Travel Hiking/camping Real estate (as investments) Charity Saving money
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Description of Reach
Our show distributes on iTunes and Stitcher. Show notes are posted on (and linked to from the main blog at times) and sent out in our weekly newsletter (1,300 subscribers). They're also shared on Paula's social media accounts.

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