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Ambient sounds, background noise and white noise...they can help improve your sleep, cognitive performance, concentration and mood. Play the episodes in the background while you work, throughout the day, and as you fall asleep so you can feel relaxed, calm and serene. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network.

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Host Name: Katie Krimitsos
Host Residence Country: United States
Katie Krimitsos is a mom, wife, adventurer, podcaster, seeker and change maker. She's committed to brightening the light of women around the world through her work under the Women’s Meditation Network - guided meditation podcasts and resources created for all those who identify as women so they can use the tool of meditation to know themselves and consciously create lives they love. Her podcasts include Meditation for Women, Sleep Meditation for Women, Morning Meditation for Women and Sleep
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1-1.5 Hours

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