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Ex Reality TV Stars Tracy DiMarco and Jessica Romano have f*cked it all up, so you don’t have to. Sex. Dating. Love. Marriage. Friendship. Babies. A modern day advice podcast from two pretty, and pretty much unqualified people. Grab a bottle of wine, and laugh along as they reveal all of their mistakes and unfiltered thoughts.

Our audience is mad for Tracy, and follow her for a glimpse into her seemingly perfect life. They are quick to respond, and in response to just the first episode were ready to say this is their favorite podcast. Predominantly women, in their 20-50's.

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Host Name: Tracy DiMarco & Jessica Romano
Ex Reality TV Stars Tracy DiMarco (Jerseylicious) and Jessica Romano (Glam Fairy) are known for their unfiltered, blunt truth telling personalities. They have experiences, most of them bad, and they want to tell you all about them so you don't do the same thing. Sex. Love. Relationships. Marriage. Friendship. Babies. They've f*cked it all up, so you don't have to.
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