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The Bartender Journey Podcast reaches an highly targeted audience of professional & aspiring bartenders, plus cocktail and spirits enthusiasts.

Over the past 4 years we have built a dedicated audience who trusts our opinions and recommendations. Our audience is passionate about the craft of Bartending and is eager to learn about new products.

We have interviewed many of the top people in the industry, including Bartenders, Authors and Brand Ambassadors from all over the world.

We can h
elp spread the word to Bartenders who may in-turn promote your product to their customers, friends and fellow Bartenders!

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Weekly on Fri
Bartending, Craft, Cocktails, Spirits, Whiskey, Food, Bars, Restaurants
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Our show is available for free on iTunes, Sticher and others.

We are seeing upwards of 8500 downloads/month across the entire library of episodes.

For each exclusively sponsored episode ordered we will:
-Mention the sponsor at the beginning
-Talk more about the product in the middle and, if applicable, utilize the product in our "Cocktail of the Week" segment, (sponsor to ship samples).
-If product is used in "Cocktail of the Week" one Instagram post of the cocktail and the product
-Thank the sponsor at the end of the show, (just before the "Toast of the Week" segment).
-Mention on the accompanying blog post ( 2,560Unique Visitors/Week; 7,557Page Views/Week)
-Mention on our most popular web page "Drinks Every Bartender Should Know" for the duration of the sponsorship
-One mention on the Bartender Journey Facebook page, (4740 likes)

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