Bedtime Stories for Adults
Lisa OKeefe

Bedtime Stories for Adults

Religion & Spirituality, Society & Culture


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We all wish we could return to our carefree days of being young and comforted by the emotional security blanket that was wrapped tightly around us by those we love . . . reassuring us of how important we are to them and to the world. . . and reading us a bedtime story that makes the world seem like a kinder place. We can’t turn back the clock but we can revisit those days of warmth and love with my special bedtime stories selected just for you. You will never be alone while you listen to my voice help you to unwind.

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Host Name: The Story Teller
The Story Teller is a mysterious woman who has a calming yet sexy voice to keep her listeners interested in her every word. She gives her listeners tools to build confident, happy lives and then tells them a childhood story to help calm them after all the pressures of the day.

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