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Berner's Round Table Podcast
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Berners Round Table is an urban culture-oriented talk show hosted by Berner a hip hop artist, an entrepreneur with businesses ranging from streetwear clothing to mobile gaming apps. as well as being the founder of Cookies the most recognized cannabis brand in the world. The show focuses on celebrity guests that bring crazy stories from their business and personal life. All of these guests have a unique story and have experienced major success in everything from streetwear, sports, music, fashion, tech, TV & Film. Berner is a fun loving charismatic personality that can laugh, cry and high five with people from any walk of life. Season one guests include Tommy Chong, Chanel Westcoast, P-Rod, Ben Baller, Jeff Hamilton, Nicky Diamonds, Freeway Ricky Ross, DJ Paul, Al Harrington to name a few. The social following of our guests totals more than 12 million.
The show can help advertisers reach that coveted target group of Millenials which represents 85% of the listener demographics. We can accommodate live host reads, dynamically inserted prerecorded ads, product discussions and use by Berner himself as well as be integrated into our website and social links that reach over 1 million followers.

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Host Name: BERNER
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