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We are a bunch of friends from the UK, who are keen to promote American Football to a larger circle of people and help them get as much into the sport as we have become.

This is done via weekly reviews, and discussions on Fantasty Football, as all of us who take part search for that elusive championship win. Starting out with old Madden games on the Sega MegaDrive, this has now turned into an obsession for this group of friends, really trying to get into the detail, without confusing new fans.

Our audience, are very like us, around 30-45 in age, and keen to keep up with what goes on in the NFL, beyond the teams that we support. Reviewed with a wry sense of humour, and changing voices and features to keep it interesting.

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Our show is on iTunes, Stitchers, Soundcloud, and ever expanding.

We are very new, but increasing our following as our network grows.

For every ad spot ordered we will promote you on our weekly podcast (currently one episode, to increase to two as we get further into the NFL season), promote you with numerous tweets from our twitter account, and a mention on our Facebook group, and inclusion on our supporters page on the website.
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