Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast
Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast
Society & Culture, Comedy

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2018 Finalist Best Comedy & 2018 Finalist Popular Vote - Australian Podcast Awards.

Bloody Murder is a weekly comedy True Crime podcast where Barney Black and Tara Sariban discuss the dark details of lesser know true crime stories from Australia and around the world. As avid listeners of true crime podcasts they aim to add to the conversation by talking about murders that haven’t been done to death on other shows, which makes Bloody Murder quite unique. We have had over 1.1 Million listens
since February 2017

Their humour comes from some rather unusual places but never at the expense of the victims or their families.

We have a huge Facebook presence with a Facebook group with well over 1.6k members, our listeners are very loyal and we chat to them constantly.
We can promote on -air and via a social media (twitter, instagram Facebook etc.). Our audience is 65% female and 35% male - which means we have access to more man-ears than most true crime podcasts.

We have a successful Patron programme and also sell merchandise. We have developed a passionate following in the past year and our numbers are increasing exponentially every week. Our listeners have a good sense of humour and are not afraid of explicit language. They're also into all things true crime and absolutely love their pets.

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True crime podcasts, true crime documentaries, comedy, owning pets, horror movies, beer, alcoholic beverages, food, exotic animals, funny memes, music, books, travel, technology.
USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden
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Our show distributes on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and more. With every ad spot ordered, we’ll promote you on our extra social media channels for no charge. This includes 2 tweets on our Twitter account (1300 followers), 1 post on our FB Page (1300 followers)

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I can't even put into words how amazingly well this was done!!! I noticed a bump in my numbers with each shout out, too! You won't be disappointed having bloody murder shout you out!
Posted 11-28-2017