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Breaking Math Podcast
Breaking Math Podcast
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We're a podcast about math. That's going to attract a dedicated crowd that also loves math, and a lot of people who love math peripherally as well, and we aim to serve them both. So what about math? Everything, from every angle. We've done episodes on the history of elitism in math, an in-depth interview with an ex-con gone grad student about his relationship with math, episodes about computing and hacking, physics and its tango with math, and beyond. Even if math's not your thing (which we concede it is not for most folks), Breaking Math may well be. We'll help you promote your business because we will only advertise with brands who we trust, and who (implicitly) trust us back. Our audience, we believe, can tell, and they'll love you for having the audacity to advertise on a niche show.

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Twice a Week on Tue
Mathematics, physics, technology, science, interviews, learning, puzzles, computer science.
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We distribute with every major platform (Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.). At no extra charge, we will mention you on our facebook page (which is where our tastemakers get some of their Breaking Math info) which has 941 likes as of writing this.

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