Brick By Brick - The Motivational Broadcast by
The ATS, Jr.
Brick By Brick - The Motivational Broadcast by

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Antonio T. Smith, Jr. has been coaching others on personal transformation for the last 3 years and on December 12, 2014, Antonio started an internet podcast to help those in need of transformational, business and spiritual guidance. This podcast, titled Brick by Brick, reaches over hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe of every status and in every business category. The purpose of this podcast and Antonio’s coaching is to help those transform their lives in every aspect; from mental, to physical, to emotional and spiritual.

We want to invite you to assist us in building the Brick by Brick podcast by adding a working relationship with your company. In addition to being listed on all advertising and press as an affiliate and/or partner of the Brick by Brick podcast and the Antonio T. Smith, JR. Brand, your company will have the opportunity to host a booth at all events related to the Antonio T. Smith, Jr Brand.

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2-3 Days a Week on Tue, Sat
Business, Motivation, Finance, General Education
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Brick by Brick draws over 4,833 monthly listeners on Podomatic and an estimated 9,667 on iTunes. With that, we can also promote you on our extra social media channels for an additional charge. This includes 2 tweets per week on our Twitter account (3,674 followers), 2 posts per week on our Facebook page (306,000 followers), 2 posts per week on our Instagram account (3,255 followers) and mentioned in our weekly newsletter (2,407 subscribers).

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