Creative Control with Joe Feeney
Creative Control with Joe Feeney
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Creative Control started on a whim in August 2014 and in the interim grew into a serious venture, a lot more professional and polished, and gained in loyal listeners. It is a pro wrestling centric show, which interviews guests about their careers, and focuses on the creative side of wrestling. Guests have included Diamond Dallas Page, Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, Santino Marella, Blue Meanie, Joel Gertner, Mikey Whipwreck, Vince Russo, Dan Severn, Matt Riddle, and more from all facets of the sport.

The audience of my shows contains wrestling fans of all ages, from all over the world who tune in to hear my compelling interviews with interesting guests. Given the chance, I could easily promote a business in 30 second spots or 60 second spots, selling the product as spectacular, and my listeners would believe, that if I am promoting a product, it is must be because I believe in it. I would also promote my sponsors over all forms of social media, including my upcoming YouTube channel, in which I could insert a commercial into my archived shows.

The shows listenership has tripled since August 2017 as well.

I've already had successful relationships with several advertisers and I look forward to more!

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About the Host
Host Name: Joe Feeney
Along with hosting “Creative Control,” Joe also Co-hosts and produces “Keepin It100 with Konnan,” produces “Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard,” and “83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff.” He also runs The Creative Control Network, an up and coming podcasting network which features Road Warrior Animal, Joel Gertner, An Honorable Mention and more!
Weekly on Mon
Pro wrestling, UFC, movies, sports, creative arts, writing, boxing, episodic television, comics, rock music, rap music, MMA, Movie and TV drama, Movie and TV Comedy, Current events, History, gambling, beer, traveling
Worldwide. It does target American wrestling fans, and has a large concentration of listeners on the east coast of the States, by is very popular in Australia, England, and Germany.
Social Media Reach
Description of Reach
Creative Control can currently be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Hipcast, Player.FM,,,, And Mixcloud. There is also a YouTube channel that will contains archives of the show, specific segments cut to draw the most viewers, and original content.

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