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Destiny Massive Breakdowns
Destiny Massive Breakdowns
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The Massive Breakdown Podcast is the Destiny podcast that explains it all! We're a niche gaming podcast focused on weekly analysis, reviews, and news for Bungie's hit MMO FPS Destiny. We've hosted some very well known figures in the Destiny community and forged strong connections with both the broader base of casual PVE players as well as the eSports-oriented pvp competitors, and are acquainted and have good working relationships with popular community sites including PlanetDestiny, DestinyTracker, and DestinyTrialsReport, in addition to other popular Destiny podcasts such as Crucible Radio and Destiny Reset. Steady growth has recently taken us past 12 thousand downloads per month, and much more significant growth is anticipated this year with the upcoming launch of the game's sequel, widely predicted to be one of the biggest games of the year worldwide.

We're currently funded through Patreon, with a dedicated cadre of supporters funding our hosting and equipment, and we're looking to expand our support base with the help of select advertising partners so that we can also produce additional content and expand our reach across multiple channels. Our reputations as reliable gaming resources were built on Reddit, where we continue to regularly hit the front page of multiple Destiny subreddits (specifically the largest one, /r/DestinytheGame, and the competitively focused /r/CruciblePlaybook) with our reviews, advise, and podcast episode posts, and our fans trust our objectivity and authenticity implicitly.

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We distribute on most major podcast platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and many more. We also reach a much broader audience through our episode notes posts (including links to the podcast) on Reddit as well as video publication via PlanetDestiny on YouTube (500,000+ subscribers).

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