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We are three best friends that get together in a Diner share a meal and discuss various topics ranging from science fiction to music to food. We love to do live reads but are more then capable of editing your prerecorded advertising spots if needed.

Our show grows each week due to the unique nature and wide range of topics. We are not tied down to a specific genre which allows us to reach a wider audience and a wide range of sponsors.

We are family friendly so you would not have to worry about the reputation of your show being tarnished in any way.

Our typical show format begins with an intro followed by news. This news can be on any topic, however it tends to be pop culture related. We do sometimes have medical or scientific research news in there. The news is followed by "Wasting Time", the segment where we tell the audience what we are watching, reading, or listening to on our free time. This segment is followed whatever our ma
in topic is for that episode. We then have a segment called comic book corner where, you guess it, we review a comicbook or two that we are currently reading. We end the show by going through our social media and reading on air, some posts and comments that are left on our wall or twitter feed.

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We can be found on itunes, stitcher, google play and soundcloud. We reach 1000+ individuals weekely by using various social media outlets such as facebook and twitter. If you purchase an ad through us we will gladly read it on air or edit into the show audio. We will also include your ad on our FB page and twitter account.
Well rounded people with an interest in science fiction that like to hear intelligent and clever conversation.
New York City

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