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SStruggling with distractions in this amped up world? Renowned ADHD and mental health expert Dr. Ned Hallowell guides us through stories, guests, tips, calls, and lots of surprises too. If you’re pulled and prodded all day from many directions or tied to your phone and apps, this insightful and entertaining journey will help you regain control of your life in a fun and novel way. Give it a listen and.. wait, did you see that bird?

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Host Name: Dr. Ned Hallowell or Sarah Guertin
Dr. Hallowell is a world renowned expert in ADD/ADHD, has published many books and done many TV appearances on the subject. Distraction Podcast has been in existence for 5 years and has garnered more than 4 million downloads. Executive Producer Sarah Guertin has been with Distraction Podcast from the very beginning, is well known to the audience and handles Q&A episodes and voices many commercials and endorsements.

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