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EduTechGuys is a weekly podcast focusing on education technology. We often feature guests, though sometimes we simply discuss issues amongst ourselves. Previous guests include Richard Byrne, Dave Burgess, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, Monica Burns, and many, many others. In 2018, we launched into our 4th season. EduTechGuys also provides LIVE online conference coverage from local, regional, and national conferences such FETC in Orlando.

Our audience reached primarily those interested in
education, technology, and the marriage of the two. We also reach broader audiences by often including an independent music artist's work, updates from partnered educational providers, and through the conference coverage.

EduTechGuys can help your business by providing access to educators, educational leaders, and those interested in general technology. We bring your message to the world, helping you tell your story just as our guests tell theirs. After all, if you can't tell your story, who will hear it? Let us help you tell that story.

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Host Name: EduTechGuys
Two hosts: David and Jeff have combined 50+ years of education technology experience. These two easy-going, humorous guys provide a relaxed, casual environment for their guests to sit and share their story - regardless of the guest's own experience and/or comfort level with being on-air. David is a published author, blogger, and youtube creator. Jeff is former band director and currently plays upright bass for orchestra and jazz gigs. These guys grew up in the 70's and 80's and survived to tell about it!
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20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Weekly on Fri
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