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FanRag Fantasy Baseball helps fantasy owners win their leagues with up-to-date analysis of the latest news and statistical trends. Host Al Melchior is a long-time veteran of the fantasy sports industry, having worked as an analyst and writer for CBS, FanGraphs, and Baseball HQ, in addition to his current work for FanRag Sports.

The show publishes five days a week during the baseball season (through the end of August), three days a week from January to March, and once a week between September and December.

The target audience is primarily people who play fantasy baseball. While the show has information for those with an analytical bent, it also appeals to more casual players. The show's tone is informative and entertaining, and well-known guests from the baseball community, including players and journalists, are frequently featured.

The show reaches people who are passionate about baseball and about taking an analytical approach to so
lving problems, both as a player of fantasy games and in their lives in general. Any business looking for customers who love baseball, sports or thought-provoking analysis can find their audience here.
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FanRag Fantasy Baseball is on several major platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart Radio and Audioboom, and it plays live on Fantasy Sports Radio Network (FNTSY Radio). With every ad spot ordered, we will promote you on the host's Twitter account (14,300 followers) at no charge.
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