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Fantasy Football Funhouse Podcast
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Enter the Fantasy Football Funhouse to talk about all things fantasy football all year long! Spawning from the Fantasy Life App, Kev, Sal, and Steve help you with all you need to know to ensure that you reach fantasy glory each year! From draft season to championship Sunday, we cover it all so join us and let's win some titles!

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Twice a Week on Wed, Fri
Sports, Fantasy Sports, Beer, Comedy
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On the website we average about 1,800 page views per month with a peak in season of over 5K. Our traffic is split mostly between Chrome (36%), Mobile Safari (32%) and chrome mobile (17%). Audience size averages 333 per month with a peak of just under 900.

For followers the breakdown is as follows:
Twitter - Sal (981), Kev (823), Steve (654), Flafflhouse (865). We are also a member of a podcast group with 29 other twitter accounts linked of which each episode is typically retweeted an additional 10-15 times on average by the members of the group which range in follower size from 150 to 7,000.
Facebook - only about 40 people like/follow the page currently
Instagram - FLAFFL House (62), Sal (232), Kev (42) Steve (91)
Fantasy Life App - We have a huge presence on this app - Sal (8,683) Steve (8,620), Kev (7,805) and the FLAFFL House Chat has well over 10,000 members.

AS for the listeners:

We are averaging over 4,700 downloads per month since the start of 2017 which equates to a per episode average of over 1,200. Weekly average for downloads is in the range of 800 since inception with over 1,200 per week since the start of 2017. We typically record/produce/release 1-2 podcasts per week January through July and then 3 per week (possible more this coming year) August through December.

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