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Freelance to Founder
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“The numbers looked great from day one.
Millo did a great job on this. Freshbooks actually saw trials and a customer on the first day which is really unheard of."
—Justine Grey, Freshbooks

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Freelance to Founder is a professionally produced narrative podcast telling the stories of freelancers & solopreneurs who have built businesses to be much bigger than themselves.

Popular guests
Andrew Warner (Mixergy) Brennan Dunn (Double Your Freelancing), Michael O'Neal (The Solopreneur Hour), Michelle Gardner (Making Sense of Cents), Sean McCabe (SeanWes), Corbett Barr (Fizzle), Sarah Cooper (the Cooper Review), Chase Reeves (BagWorks) and more.

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Host Name: Brandon Hull
“The most polished interview podcast I’ve ever heard, run by an interviewer who knows what his audience wants.” — Andrew Warner, Mixergy
Business, Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Marketing, Sales, Growth, Stories, Scaling
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