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Friends Drink Beer is a weekly Podcast released every Monday. On FDB, we review a new beer each week from different parts of the world, and have an ordinary (but also extremely unusual) conversation on the bar stool among new and old friends.

One thing that doesn't change is hosts Ryan and Alex. They've been friends since 2nd Grade (JESUS Christ! offense Jesus.....Jesus: None taken). One day, as the two were chatting at their local watering hole, (BJ's Restaurant: Judge us if you want, but the Tatonka Stout will knock you off your behind) they realized a few things that they loved so dearly. Good Quality Beer: and I'm not talking about the $6 stuff you pick up at a 7Eleven, but AWESOME "hipster, never heard of it before, but HOW have I gone this long without trying it" Beer. AND conversation: but not "I'm only listening to you, because you're famous" conversation, but the type of conversation you have with your friends at the bar stool. Average people, hit or miss j
okes, good beer, and great conversation. This is the most normal podcast you'll ever listen to, with two people you feel like you already know.
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