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Going In Raw Pro Wrestling Podcast
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The Going in Raw Pro Wrestling Podcast is the #1 fan-based pro wrestling podcast in the world, with a reach of between 30,000 and 60,000+ views and downloads per episode, distributed daily via YouTube and all major podcast outlets. The Going in Raw YouTube channel has over 180,000 subscribers, averages almost 1.5 million views per month, with exceptionally high average watch time and superior viewer engagement. Hosts Steve and Larson, longtime friends and pro wrestling fans, chat over the latest pro wrestling programming, news and speculation, bringing their unique perspective and brand of humor to the proceedings.

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Pro wrestling, gaming, comedy
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The Going in Raw Podcast has two major forms of distribution, offering views and downloads via YouTube and traditional podcast outlets through the Libsyn podcast server. Each ad spot ordered will feature us reading your ad in a personal, engaging manner with our audience, with the explicit statement that by supporting the sponsor, they are supporting us. Our audience is passionate and engaged, as evidenced by the $4,000+ in monthly pledges we receive from our fan-funded Patreon.

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