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We are a couple of college kids who like to discuss current events with a music focus, but nothing is off the table! Artist news, new albums, celebrities, the NFL & NBA, interesting headlines, and anything else we can come up with! We are passionate about what we do, but also like to have fun with it. Our audience is mostly college kids, so we believe we can sell and promote businesses to that demographic best. We know how they think and what they want, because we are in the same demographic.
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Host Name: Nathaniel Martinez
Johns Hopkins student studying Chemical Engineering. Avid backpacker, musician, and music fan. Outgoing, analytical, determined.
Weekly on Fri

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On top of distributing to our website, SoundCloud, iTunes, and hopefully Spotify soon, we have a presence on most social media sites. With each ad spot ordered, we will make an ad post on our Instagram (200 followers), 2 tweets (100 followers), and include an ad at the bottom of each article on our website (600 views last month) at no additional charge.
Music (specifically hip-hop/rap/r&p/indie), travel, technology, concerts, fashion.
Baltimore, MD

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