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Horror Movie Podcast is a bi-weekly audio podcast where three hosts review Horror movies and analyze the Horror genre. We have two types of episodes: "Themed" episodes are those in which we explore a certain topic or theme in Horror cinema, such as "The Siege Narrative" or "Feral Vampires." And "Frankensteinian" episodes are just a variety, hodgepodge type of show about whichever Horror movies we've been watching lately, particularly new releases! We have a fiercely loyal and enthusiastically supportive audience that loves Horror movies and loves our show. Our hosts could promote your product or service during an ad spot during our show.

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Jason Pyles (aka "Jay of the Dead") helps to facilitate the discussion. Jay is friendly, gracious and upbeat. He is also passionate about films and his opinions on Horror cinema. Sometimes his take on movies is controversial, a provocation that he considers "good radio" which engages the audience.
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Horror Movie Podcast is on iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and Stitcher. Our podcast is in its fifth year, and we have a fiercely loyal and supportive listenership that's growing every day. Our daily growth comes from our strategic podcast name: "Horror Movie Podcast." Listeners tell us all the time that they find us by Googling the phrase "horror movie podcast." In our first four and a half years, we haven't had any official advertisers to speak of, so our show is thus far an untapped resource. Our podcast typically accrues at least 11,000 downloads in two months for a single episode.

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