Im Working On It Matthew P Brown.
I'M Working On It With Matthew P Brown
Im Working On It Matthew P Brown.
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I'm Working On It With Matthew P Brown is where Comics, Musicians, Film Makers, Athletes, Entrepreneurs and more come to share what they are working on. The podcast is always full of laughs but has a motivating underlining theme to each episode. We are all a work in progress. Whether we have personal goals, health and fitness goals, dreams, ambitions, achievements, we are all trying to make our lives as happy and successful as possible. Whatever the dream or goal may be we need help along the way. People who listen to this podcast feel a sense of community, that we are working on these things together. With your advertisement listeners will see the products that they can use to help accomplish these goals or when it is time for a break, the products they can enjoy. Since this is a community of people looking to be successful at whatever they do, they are always looking to see what I am doing and what products I am using for success, relaxation, enjoyment and for entertainment. My listeners and I will help spread the word about the products you were once working on and have once dreamed about and made a reality.

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Matthew P Brown is a funny, kind, hard working person and Comedian who is inspiring, motivating and always trying to become the best version of himself. Whether it is physically, mentally or personally, while motivating others to do the same.
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I'm Working On It With Matthew P Brown reaches many different ages of both men and women. Primarily men from 16-55 and women from 16-45. Many of which are active people who are into all types of fitness, artistic people, coffee lovers, comedy fans, music fans, film fans many of whom are creating their own websites and brands.

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