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On this channel, you’ll find a variety of challenges and pranks, including 24 Hour Overnight Challenges, Food Challenges, Hide and Seek, Epic Forts, Dare or Dare, and more. Two brothers, Ricky and Nick of the Ireland Boys want to keep you entertained every single week! Believe in yourself and your dreams! The Ireland Boys have an amazingly loyal following because they treat their audience, and brands they work with, extremely well. They make sure everyone in the situation is as happy as possible and they put incredible excitement into their videos and promos. Extremely family friendly and brand safe show.

These guys are very open to negotiating, if you have brands wanting to try it out that can't afford the price upfront just let me know and we can see if we can make it work!

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About the Host
Host Name: Nick and Ricky
The hosts are brothers that love what they do and love their fans. They often host meetups to meet their fans and they recently surprised a fan that had shipping issues with one of every shirt they've made. Great guys that are great to work with.
Weekly on Fri
Travel is big, food (especially delivery services and food places such as Chipotle and pizza), comedy, clothing is big

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