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Irish Whip Podcast
Irish Whip Podcast
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The Irish Whip Podcast is one of the longest running Podcasts in the nation. Before podcasts existed the boys of the Irish Whip were broadcasting LIVE each and every week through a hodge podge of mixers and sound boards. Nearly a decade later the boys from the Irish Whip keep their fingers on the pulse of todays brightest and biggest talent BEFORE they make it to the big time in whatever promotion they choose.

Featured on with over 5000 visitors per day, the Irish Wh
ip Podcast continues to elevate the brand expansion of their podcast and the talent that comes on the show with us. We feature interviews with todays hottest and rising talent through the Independent Professional Ranks throughout the world. Come join us in the fun of a PG-13 atomosphere each and every week.

With a reach on subscription based independent pro wrestling sites such as and our ability to reach an additional 250,000 through our cross branding efforts our Podcast is one of the fastest rising independent podcasts on the internet today. We are just three Irish Boys talking pro wrestling.

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About the Host
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Host Name: Joshua Richards
Josh grew up in the state of Montana expsoed to the rights and passages of the Hart Foundation while in Montana during their early years while hanging our with his great uncles and grand father at wrestling shows. Passion and love for pro wrestling and helping the next generation hone their mic skills and confidence through interivews is what makes this business professional enjoy his side job of podcasting.
Weekly on Thu
Our fans span from Chikara to Defy to wXw out of Germany to the fans of WOS our of London, England. We have access to almost any independent pro wrestler on the planet to interview and expose to products they may not even know exists. Our fans are passion and are extremely opinionated. We broadcast in a fantasy world of pro wrestling where the fans flock to opportunities to have a twitter handle or their name broadcast. We are a podcast about pro wrestling. Period. Our fans are the same.
Boston, MA
Social Media Reach
Description of Reach
The podcast reaches over 250,000 Facebook users each week along with at an average of 5000 site visits per day on the website. We focus on our streaming ability and specific codes to track the ROI and effectiveness of the promotions we use during our shows. Your name, logo and all realative media will be on all promotional ads for our weekly interviews and promotions.

Our reach is far and deep in the subculture of Independent Professional Wrestling coulpled with the fact we will be attending LIVE event across the nation with banners, tables and independent professional wrestlers ready and eager to take on any advertising challenge we or them can come up with to push your product during our podcast and their LIVE events.

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