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Welcome to the Jordan Peterson Archive Podcast. This podcast features audio from Jordan Petersons lectures, interviews, discussions and Q&A's. We feature full length audio as well as clips. I am planning on having some interesting guests on this year - The first is scheduled for March 31st with a branding professional from the UK. We look to explore relationships between brands and people, how it directly effects our buying decisions as well as many other topics beyond this.

The Podcast
Growth Since Inception:

Category: Education (Charted Top 100 in Italy (#76) and Spain (#74))
Consistently in the Top 50 UK/USA charts in Education and we have episodes in the chart too.

Lowest - 9,000
Highest - 70,000
Average - 25,000

Lowest: 9,000
Highest: 69,000
Average - 13,500~

I have not sought out any sponsors until now. The podcast is growing exponentially as I continue to upload content. Overall, the podcast has accrued, as of today, (01/March/2019): 1,067.384 plays in total.

September: 5,000+
October: 45,000+
November: 130,000+
December: 187,000+
January: 315,000+
February 355,000+
March: (In Progress)

I am honestly only looking to showcase ideas, services or products I believe are relevant to the audience. I have already built up amazing rapport with our small but growing community on Social Media - This should show through our the podcast too. With that being said, thank you for the consideration!

Podcast Information

About the Host
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Host Name: Lewis Convery
My name is Lewis Convery, 22 years old and from the UK. I am a content creator and focus on content curation. I manage social media channels and distribute relevant content to our viewers! I am looking for relevant advertisers, products or services which I feel will work well with the podcast content
Average Episode Length
20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Weekly on Fri, Sat
Psychology, philosophy, education, self-help, personal branding, mental health, healthy living, politics, personality traits, behavioural science, science.
Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Switzerland, Israel, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Ireland, Italy, Austria, United Arab Emirates, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland, Morocco, Argentina, Iceland, Russia
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