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KALILA STORMFIRE’S ECONOMICAL MAGICK SERVICES is an urban fantasy fiction podcast about a witch’s documentation of her clients and how she deals with a mysterious saboteur who is trying to destroy her magick business. The show is produced by the fiction podcast production company Stormfire Productions.

KALILA STORMFIRE has over 500,000 downloads to date and generates over $400 per month on Patreon. This flagship production has been represented in prolific publications, recommendation

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Host Name: Lisette Alvarez
Lisette Alvarez is the owner and operator of Stormfire Productions. Alvarez wrote and produced the flagship production Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services. Their skills include writing, acting, directing, and marketing. You can learn more about Alvarez on their website lisettealvarez.com.

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