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MMA on the Rocks
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MMA on the Rocks is freeform conversation about mixed martial arts (UFC), various types of alcohol and the places I travel. On every episode I discuss the beer or spirit I'm drinking in detail and usually let listeners know where they can go pick some up. I travel very often and visit breweries and distilleries across the country. I can advertise any beer, wine or spirit on the show and it will sound honest and organic since that's the nature of the podcast. I also train various martial arts and could very easily endorse sports equipment for boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu or any other sport. My podcast is very light-hearted and I usually try to mix in some humor. There is some explicit content, but I have a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode stating that the show is intended for adult audiences. If your product or service is something that I believe in or use - then I will be happy to tell my audience about it. The show is still fairly young, but growing a following quickly. Cheers!

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mixed martial arts, fighting, alcohol, beer, craft beer, comedy, brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling, travel, whiskey, spirits, tequila, vodka, gin, wine, fitness, breweries, distilleries, bars, cage fighting
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