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Master Debaters.... an idea formulated because of three knob heads not having a good enough reason to just sit and chat shit. Podcast enthusiast toffa, provided the seed with his, 'we're funnier that these c**ts' attitude. Sean provides the nutrients needed for any idea to thrive, cups of tea and a local Chinese and Michael provides the salt, nobody needs it, nobody wants it, it's not good for your health but it wouldn't be the same without it. Now this award winning podcast brings you the trials and tribulations of three friends who are rapidly approaching 30, we juggle work, children and high quality comedy with one hand tied behind our back.... listen as we drop it all....
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We are on all the major podcast platforms and are happy to promote your ad on both our facebook and twitter with a reach of approx 10,000. We're a biweekly show with the backing of Radio Misfits Podcast Network, who boast over one million downloads.
Fans of TruTV's Impractical Jokers will enjoy our episodes with James Murray (friend of the show)
Tv, movies, Geek things. Comic books and fantasy castings. Wrestling
We're based in the UK but our stats say our UK audience and US are very close together for listens with Canada coming in third, followed closely by Australia. We've have a decent following throughout Europe too

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