Messy w/ Mac & Mike
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What happens when East Coast trash meets West Coast ass? What do this podcast and an undouched bottom have in common? Listen and find out.

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About the Host
Host Name: MacDoesIt (Machaizelli Kahey)
Satirical Comedic Vlogger/Reaction/LGBTQ+ BIO: "Machaizelli Kahey, also known as 'Mac' from MacDoesIt, is a satirical comedic vlogger who describes his content as “Intelligently funny” or “an organized hot mess”. His Youtube channel is a mixture of comedy with a sprinkle of “the weird sides of YouTube” and a dash of “a typical social justice rant on Tumblr” all baked inside an oven of screaming, PC music, and “wearing a shirt on my head to pretend it’s hair” nonsense. He has found multiple viral video success on multipl social media platforms and has also been seen speaking and displaying his content at numerous events such as VidCon and BufferFest where he received “Best in Comedy Vlog” in October of 2015. Most recently, Mac won "Best Youtube Comedian" at the 2019 Shorty Awards proving that he's a fast rising force that everyone should keep an eye on.
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20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Weekly on Sat
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Messy w/ Mac & Mike
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