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Moonshot is an award-winning podcast exploring the worlds biggest ideas and the people making them happen. We explore big 'moonshot' ideas like self-driving cars, brain implants, robots, Mars space travel, artificial intelligence, and the future of transport. As we explore these topics we feature in depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and future thinkers. The people we're talking to are actively changing the world as we know it.

Moonshot is hosted by Kristofor Lawson and Andrew Moon and is a production of Lawson Media. Moonshot was a finalist in the 2017 Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards, a finalist in the 2018 Australian Podcasting Awards, and was awarded 'Best Independent Media' at the 2018 ACS IT Journalism Awards. Our show has also been featured by Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

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Moonshot listeners are largely US based, and highly educated with more than 55% achieving a college degree. People i
n our audience are likely to work in technology, engineering, or design, and 65% of our audience work in intermediate roles or above - meaning they are likely to be in a position to help make decisions for their businesses. 35% are married, and 40% are single (never, married), and 40% of our audience have household income levels above $80k+ USD.

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Kristofor Lawson is a podcaster, digital editor, and video journalist with experience working for some of Australia's largest media companies. Kristofor hosts Moonshot and is the founder of Lawson Media - a podcast production company based in Melbourne.
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