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MYSTERIOUSLY LISTED is a new podcast that takes the Top 10 listed themed genre from YouTube and turns it into podcast form. Missing college students. Mass murders of families. Strange phone calls. Suspicious deaths. If you love true crime but don’t know if you want to commit to an hour long podcast on just one particular case, then MYSTERIOUSLY LISTED is for you.

Immersive storytelling format and I have a reputation for heavy research based and unbiased storytelling. I have a high level of
listener engagement.

Along with being responsible for all the show production, I also manage social media and website. On a daily basis, I interact with 3500 listeners in the facebook group from all over the world. My podcast has ranked in the top 200 of the Apple Podcast charts for Society and Culture.

With each episode my downloads increase and based on growth, expect to reach 10000 downloads per episode by the start of season 2 which drops in July 2018.

I will promote products by doing a custom pre-roll or mid-roll ad in the episode, provide a link in the episode, social media mention on each show release day. I find that audiences do enjoy that personal touch. I often like to share photos of the product or me using the product on social media. I am a non-stop promoter.

Podcast Information

About the Host
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Host Name: Ali McLennan
Ali McLennan is also the host of the critically-acclaimed podcast, In Sight which has been featured in the New York Times newspaper. Podcasting saved her from a world of law enforcement where she previously worked in crash scene investigation for ten years. She researches, writes, voices and produces Mysteriously Listed, The Doe Files and In Sight podcasts. Ali is excited to have the opportunity to expand these brands over to YouTubes from July of 2018. Ali’s mother always had a strong interest in true crime which had her collecting true crime magazines from a young age. She then took this interest through to her studies, earning a Bachelor with Honors in Criminology and Sociology. Ali has an interest in lesser known cases and victimology which The Doe Files allows her to share with the world. Ali lives in the Hunter Valley of Australia with her partner and three children.
Average Episode Length
20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Twice a Month
true crime, unsolved mysteries, unidentified persons, storytelling, documentaries, narrative, audio books, pets, travel, business, music, health, home, decor, fashion, fitness, clothing, women, murder
Social Media Reach
Description of Reach
My show distributes on all social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website). The podcast is available on multiple podcast platforms that are compatible with IOS and Android devices. Any ad spots that are sold will be promoted on all available platforms which is quickly becoming over 4K followers. I will also use my other podcast social media (In Sight, Mysteriously Listed) to support the product. There will be a social media drop on the day of the episode release and thereafter until the ad is complete.

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