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We hold video game discussions, offer first impressions, and talk nostalgia, history and trivia about gaming on all platforms. Some times there is a nugget of wisdom. We have a broad reach and will use scripts, or help you craft your ad on request. In addition to just the ad, we also alert Twitter with all of our episodes. That means your episode will also be sent out in the episode over Twitter, and also featured on our website.
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Our show is distributed on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, You Tube and a few other major platforms. With every ad ordered we will promote you to our 1500+ Twitter followers that are combined with our Twitter handle for the podcast, and the total followers that the host has which exceeds a thousand at no additional charge. We will also plug you on our Facebook once weekly, as well as 1 Tweet. We are a bi-weekly podcast and continue to put out new content every 2 weeks.
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