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Approaching the news from distinctly different points on the political spectrum, co-hosts Mike Pesca, Virginia Heffernan, and Jamie Kirchick attempt to change each other’s minds on the most important stories of the day. Often unsuccessfully. Between the non-stop election cycle and torrents of cancellations (real or imagined), there is a ton to argue about. But don’t worry. In the end, they’re NOT EVEN MAD

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Host Name: Mike Pesca, Virginia Heffernen, Jamie Kirchick
Host Residence Country: United States
Mike is the host of the podcast the Gist, the longest running daily news podcast (8+ years). He is a former sports reporter and producer for NPR, and previously worked for Slate. He is author of the book “Upon Further Review: The Greatest What-Ifs in Sports History”.

Virginia is a columnist for Wired, and was the host of such podcasts as Trumpcast and This Is Critical. She is the author of "Magic and Loss" and a Substack of the same name.

Jamie is the New York Times bestselling author of Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington and a columnist for Tablet Magazine.
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