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The weekly Movie Marker radio show; with reviews of the week's new film releases, box office top ten, film news and more. We have a strong and sizeable weekly audience build entirely of word of mouth and having grown into one of the country's larger film programs, offering Week of Release reviews in time for each Friday's new crop of films and a lively irreverent signature tone. Audience engagement with the show has always presented a diverse audience in both age and gender, the unifying factor being a shared love of film and lighter toned conversation about it from the more stuffy norm.

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OffScreen is presented by Kase Allen and Van Connor, both of whom have worked their entire professional lives in the film industry, with Kase going on to pursue teaching and Van becoming a national film critic for outlets such as News International, talkRADIO, MovieMarker, and OnScreen. Both guiltily enjoy the work of Nicolas Cage.
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Beyond just film, audience engagement has always leant toward a collective interest in television, gaming, and increasingly mainstream elements of "geek culture".
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OffScreen publishes via most major podcast platforms including Acast, iTunes, Deezer, Stitcher, TuneIn, and more.

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