Passion for the Paranormal
Passion for the Paranormal
Passion for the Paranormal
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My show airs twice monthly (new episodes on 1st and 15th of month) and covers a wide range of paranormal topics, to include UFO/ET issues, Alien Abductions, Ghostly Encounters and Hauntings, NDEs, Bigfoot/Cryptids and Psychics and Mediums and other paranormal phenomena. I will air ads during my podcast episodes and can also adverstise on my social media pages, to include Facebook and Twitter.

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About the Host
Host Name: Curry E. Stegen
I'm a retired Air Force Reserve Officer and have been involved in Paranormal Investigating for several years now. I created the Passion for the Paranormal Podcast show in early 2017, and I'm having an amazing time doing the show. The show covers all aspects of the paranormal and my guests have included many paranormal authors and researchers, to include UFO authors and/or researchers, Preston Dennett; Larry Holcombe; Nomar Slevik and Butch Witkowski and Paranormal researchers and authors Stan Gordon; William Hall; Brandon Massullo; Gary Michael Vasey; Mark Nesbitt; Bigfoot author William Sheehan; the Military Medium Dean McMurray and NDE experiencer and author Jeff Nelson.
Average Show Length
1-1.5 Hours
Twice a Month
Paranormal, Ghost Hunting, UFOs, Extraterrestrials, spirits, paranormal investigating, psychics and mediums.
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My show is listed on most major podcast platforms to include iTunes, Google Play with the RSS feed from Soundcloud.

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