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This podcast is about the many ideas in philosophy that are popularized by our society and culture through movies (Ex, Blade Runner, The Matrix), TV shows (Ex, Rick and Morty, Westworld), public figures, and books all around us. Philosophy is everywhere and I'll be taking a deeper dive into those ideas presented to us in cultural and societal entertainment. In understanding those ideas, I don’t mean just understanding, instead applying those understandings to our lives. Even if you disagree with various ideas in philosophy there’s always something to be learned from them and applied to your everyday life. This podcast will take you on the journey into the deeper ideas of philosophy. Tune in!

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Host Name: Brenden Weber
I'm a farm boy from Iowa turned rogue, I'm a writer with a passion for all things philosophy. Especially those philosophical concepts raised in our cultural entertainment. I have a degree in philosophy with a desire to further my philosophical understandings in hopes of maybe someday earning my PHD in the subject. I'm an outdoorsman with a love for the mountains and the wild west. I will try to turn an average conversation into a deeper philosophical chat about life. A Rick and Morty fan filled with dark humor. Don't let my monotone voice fool you– I'm enthused about the podcast.
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